Murphy Moments: Vol. 2

A while back dedicated a whole article to my buddy Murphy, he isn’t a real person but seems to join me on almost every fishing trip.  If you’ve never heard of Murphy’s Law then I probably sound like schizophrenic maniac right now, so maybe google that before continuing any further.  The sun was shining, my fiance and I decided it was a good day to head stillwater fishing knowing that our lake season only has a couple weeks left before it’s time to head off to work.

“Oh god…” I slammed on the brakes and put my head between my hands.  One of the saddest sights in the world is looking in the rear view mirror to realize that you left the oars at home one hour away.  I am a little old school and prefer to row instead of use a motor but this day the whole motor thing sounded quite nice.  Motors can’t be as hard to forget as oars?  I’m not blaming this one on Murphy, I’m blaming it on my own stupid self.

Thankfully we had some friends camping at the lake and managed to get two short canoe paddles in our hands.  Nothing looks much more humorous than seeing two people paddling a ten foot jon boat paddling like Huckleberry Finn from a standing position.  It was funny until I hit myself in the bill of the cap with the top of my paddle, into the lake went my hat along with the only pair of polarized sunglasses I had with me.  A few curses later and I gained my composure, accepting the fact I would be doing a little more squinting that day.  Thank you Murphy.  We anchored up and I was just getting ready to put on a new fly.  Want to know what works great for cutting leader material? Clamps with built in cutters.  Want to know the worst place to leave clamps with built in cutters? On the seat of your truck.  Luckily I had a couple extra multi-tools in my gear bag so we got the lines in the water and I took a nice deep breath.

First cast death tangle, sign of a good day!!

Next thing I know the wife is putting on a clinic, one fish after another as fast as she can get her line in the water and some big ones too.  Here I was, with the same fly at the same depth watching her lay the boots to them as though it were the easiest thing in the world.  Okay well something must be up, I check her leader and depth and sure enough we are matched up identically.  Murphy must have coated my fly with orange peel or sunscreen scent when I was not paying attention.  This wasn’t just for the first hour, this continued all day long.  I scraped up a few but not even remotely close to the absolute debauchery that ensued on the end of her line.

The icing on the cake was the most miraculous tangle I’ve ever seen, we were both casting at the same time and somehow my size 16 chironomid managed to go inside the first guide at the end of her rod and wrap itself violently around both the fly line and rod blank.  Some things you just laugh off and continue going about your day without searching for any sort of an explanation.

Maybe the more I think I believe in Murphy’s Law, the more I notice little things that somehow find a way to go wrong?  Or maybe I’m not crazy and I actually am haunted by some entity that only seems interested in joining me when I’m fly fishing?  As always thank you for reading, and remember not to let Murphy ruin your day even if he knocks your favourite sunglasses in the water!


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