Fly Tying: ASB Chromie

If I could choose one chironomid pattern to fish throughout springtime in our interior lakes, the anti-static bag chromie would probably be at the top of my list. Every chironomid pupa acquires the gunmetal silver sheen as they trap oxygen in their abdomen during their ascent up the water column.  The anti-static bag body is so versatile as it is slightly translucent, allowing the tier to modify the underbody colour by simply changing thread.  Here’s a quick step-by-step on my favourite chironomid pattern.

Hook: Dai-Riki #285 size 16-20

Bead: Gunmetal/Black size 5/64 or 2/32

Thread: UTC 70 colour of your choice

Gill Material: UNI-Stretch

Body: Anti-Static Bag (computer part packaging cut into strips)

Rib: Depending on the pattern either spun UTC 70 thread, crystal flash or wire

Thorax: UTC 70 colour of your choice

Place hook (I’ve used a size 18 paired with a 2/32 bead for this fly) in vise & slide bead to the bend of the hook

Make 3 wraps of UTC 70 thread behind the eye

Tie in a piece of UNI-Stretch, double it over, whip finish & slide bead over thread. Trim gill material to desired length (I usually do 1/2 an eyelet length past the front of the eye)

Tie in ribbing material (1 strand black Crystal Flash used for this particular fly) followed by a strip of ASB

Build up a neatly tapered body before wrapping your body material forward

Wrap ASB forward with no gaps in between turns, tie off & trim

Wrap ribbing material forward. Whip finish, glue with brushable Loc-Tite or Zap-a-Gap, catch fish, repeat!

This fly can be done in an endless variety of underbody & rib combinations, this is just one that I seem to use a lot during our interior stillwater fishery each spring.  A good sign that fish are suspended higher up in the water column is finding their stomachs stuffed full of chromies. I fish this either on a floating line under and indicator, or a naked floating line with no indicator or swivel. Tomorrow’s post will be all about leader setup for springtime stillwater fishing, thank you for reading & if you have any questions feel free to send me an email!


3 Comments on “Fly Tying: ASB Chromie

  1. Having watched you tying flies for yourself and for other fishermen, I can honestly say, “You make it look easy.” It is so great to see someone actually working at a job they really love. More power to you, Jordan.


  2. Hey Jordan. It was nice to see meet you on the lake a few weeks back. If you ever run out of ASB let me know I have about 200+ bags . to spare 🙂


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