Welcome to FFC

Fly Fish Chronicles is here to serve those that share the same passion we do.  To some folks fly fishing is a semi-annual hobby, to some it is a way of life.  There’s nothing that really makes me tick like fly fishing, it is a never ending learning and growing experience.  I gave up long ago on trying to explain it, standing in a glacial river in the middle of January swinging to a winter steelhead that probably isn’t there sounds like an absolute living hell to most but there are a good handful of people out there that just can’t ever get enough of it.  Guiding, shop work & hundreds upon hundreds of days on the water have lead me here; a place to share it with those that live the same life I do.


Fly Fish Chronicles is an outlet of fly fishing stories, media, step-by-step fly tying articles, unbiased product reviews and instructional bits.  This blog is not here to spill the beans on your favorite steelhead flows or draw maps to one of the many high quality stillwater fisheries we have here in BC, those are up to you.  Fly Fish Chronicles is tailored for those that live this wonderful sport day in and day out.

Welcome to the obsession…



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